3 Social Media Best Practices
Protect the brand and reputation of FranklinCovey


Don’t over complicate your message.

Being concise increases the effectiveness of communication by making it more accessible. Work to remove complications with the ultimate goal of being straightforward and easy to understand. When a message is clear and uncluttered it can reach more people. Being succinct respects the audience and their time.


Keep communications succinct by defining the goal of your message and sticking to it. Stick to it by not adding unnecessary thoughts or points. Do not feel that a message is incomplete if it lacks multiple paragraphs. 




Do: We are excited to announce that our next best-selling book will be in stores on Monday.


DON’T: We have big news! We are really very excited to share with you and everyone, the great news about our new book launch happening this week. It will be in stores on Monday, be sure to get a copy. 


FranklinCovey believes deeply in our mission to enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere.

In order to enable greatness, our messages must inspire it. Inspirational messages mentally stimulate audiences to feel or do something positive.  Encourage and support others to achieve their goals. 


Avoid negativity at all costs. Being harsh, judgmental, and critical are not ways to inspire. Focus on the positive.




Do: We can all enable greatness by inspiring it with our words and actions.


DON’T: Leadership isn’t for you. Give up on your dreams. 



People use social media to connect, not to be broadcast to. When we write like we speak, our sincerity and authenticity come through.

Being professional, inspirational and informative does not mean the audience should have to use a dictionary to follow the conversation. It is important to engage in discussions, not lectures. We do this by using conversational language (not slang).


By listening and responding, we build connections. 




Do: We appreciate connecting with you and look forward to hearing from you again.


DON’T: FranklinCovey has received your message. It will be responded to in the order that it was received. 


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