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Live-Online training


FranklinCovey’s industry-leading Live-Online training offers rich experiences with the same high-quality instruction of FranklinCovey’s in-person training—built into convenient professional development courses that affect change at all levels in your organization.


Our virtual classrooms feature compelling content, award-winning videos, engaging activities, and interactive communication with a live instructor—either a FranklinCovey consultant or a certified facilitator within your organization. Our breadth of Live-Online content options provide you everything you need to drive greater behavior change and improved results across your entire organization. 

“FranklinCovey’s Live-Online classes are beyond compare in their ability to keep learners engaged. FranklinCovey makes it easy to learn how to facilitate courses very quickly.”

FranklinCovey Live-Online Facilitator

Live-Online Training


Why Choose FranklinCovey for Your Live-Online Training



We lead the industry in Live-Online learning solutions for all levels of your organization. In our 10+ years of Live-Online delivery experience, we’ve taught over a half a million people in more than 30,000 work sessions and certified thousands of facilitators in companies like yours around the world.


As you look across the web-based learning solutions available for your workforce, you will find no better partner than FranklinCovey.


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Transitioning to Virtual Classrooms

Steps to effectively move to Live-Online training. Many organizations are moving some, or all, of their training to live-online. Live-online work sessions are an excellent delivery method and, when done well can be just as impactful as live in-person training.


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You’ve Got This

Are you being asked to do more than ever before? You can do it with FranklinCovey. This guide will give you insights as to how you can succeed online, and achieve your most pressing issues as you work to drive greater results for your organization.




Make the Move to Live-Online Tip Series

Each Wednesday and Friday for three weeks, you’ll receive tips from real facilitators to help you transition to Live-Online training.



“I was so incredibly impressed with the FranklinCovey Live-Online platform. I can’t speak enough about how happy we are with the relationship we’ve had with FranklinCovey. We’re very lucky that [our organization] continues to have a passion for, and puts an emphasis on, training and development during this time of working remotely. This resource helps us do just that.”

Learning and Development Director, a health insurance company


Live-Online delivery can be done even more effectively than live in-person. It can be a more efficient way to deliver training and is often less demanding on your budget.

We’ve spent the past decade mastering Live-Online training. According to our clients, we’ve become

the best in the industry. And our world-class Net Promoter Score of 74 proves it.



Recorded Tutorials for Online Platforms


Live-Online Overview Event

Learn more about FranklinCovey’s Live-Online solutions

For facilitators on the go, we are building a library of recorded tutorials, authored by our consulting team, to help you get comfortable facilitating FranklinCovey programs using Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams.

These tutorials provide a tour of the most important things you need to know as you begin your journey to exceptional proficiency using one or more of these online platforms.


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What Our Client Facilitators Are Saying



Amanda Berg on FranklinCovey’s Live-Online Capabilities

Amanda Berg, a FranklinCovey client facilitator, who has taught over 2,000 people Live-Online shares how FranklinCovey’s Live-Online capabilities compare. 




Kelly Bita on FranklinCovey’s Live-Online Capabilities

Kelly Bita, a FranklinCovey client facilitator, who has taught over 8,000 people Live-Online shares how FranklinCovey’s Live-Online capabilities compare.





Angela Allison-Yutz on FranklinCovey’s Live-Online Capabilities

Angela Allison-Yutz, a FranklinCovey client facilitator, who has taught over 2,000 people Live-Online shares how FranklinCovey’s Live-Online capabilities compare. 





Make the move to Live-Online. You’ve got this.


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