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Veterans Health Administration (VHA) All Access Pass®
All of FranklinCovey’s principle-centered content in support of your mission.


Welcome to Your All-Access Pass

Welcome members of the VHA Enterprise-Wide All Access Pass (AAP). Being a part of the VHA AAP means you now have access to the FranklinCovey library of award-winning, competency-aligned, principle-centered content for all employees at your facility.

  • As a learner, you can experience content, download tools, and access resources to apply what you’ve learned.
  • As a facilitator, you can certify to deliver any of FranklinCovey’s content Live-Online or Live In-Person,  download resources to market courses in your facilities, and access pre-work to make sure participants are prepared for the learning experience.
  • As a DLO or training specialist, you can align FranklinCovey’s content to your competencies, build customized learning journeys to fit your organization’s strategic priorities, and access reports on who’s using the All Access Pass and how it’s being used.  


All Access Pass Portal


This is where learning content lives and includes downloadable participant materials and elearning modules. If you are a facilitator, you can access virtual certification resources, PowerPoints, and facilitator guides here as well. 


Download your FranklinCovey – Introduction and Getting Started resource guide for quick access instructions


Access* your VISN’s unique All Access Pass Portal below:



Access* your supplemental microlearning resources by visiting Jhana 


This is essentially your search engine for bite-sized learning. Jhana houses a library of videos, articles, tools, and activities that grows weekly and can be used as just-in-time learning or built-in to a larger leadership development program. Everything in Jhana is carefully researched and curated to be relevant and actionable for the challenges you face today. 

*If this is your first time logging in to Jhana, enter your email address as your username. Your password for Jhana will be the same password you set up for the All Access Pass Portal!

“Our VISN is so excited to continue our partnership with FranklinCovey through the All Access Pass!  This content is foundational for many of our programs and we so appreciate the personalized support and interaction that makes this work well for us and our facilities.”

Designated Learning Officer


As a VHA Passholder, you have a support team dedicated to your success.


VA Care provides support from 8 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. ET, Monday – Friday.  There are four ways VA Care can support you:

  1. Check our Knowledge Base for answers to frequently asked questions here.
  2. Call 801-817-8770 to speak with a live representative during business hours.
  3. Send an email to [email protected].  Please include the best way to contact you (phone and email), your VISN and facility, and a detailed description of what you need.
  4. Enter a support ticket by clicking on the Get Support button to the top right of this page.

In addition, your strategic implementation team includes:



Daniel Martin, Implementation Specialist

Daniel is responsible for how you use the content.



[email protected]


Pamela Fuller, Program Manager

Pamela is responsible for the strategic direction of the program.



[email protected]

Learning Guides

The All Access Pass offers so much and our team is committed to helping you navigate all of it! That being said, we know it’s sometimes easier to just grab what you need from content slipsheets, detail on available assessments and competency mapping to continuing education resources and additional details, the resources below are designed to help:



VHA Specific Learning Guides


There are more than 36 content areas available in the All Access Pass, and understanding that content is the first step in utilizing it effectively! We’ve mapped our content in several different ways to best align to what you might need. Download any of the resources below to get started.


All Employee Survey Learning Guide



VA Leadership Development Framework


Download the FranklinCovey HRO Alignment and Supportive content resource



Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility




FranklinCovey Course Information


Facilitator Resources

As a facilitator/trainer at VHA, you enable greatness in the people who do the important work of serving veterans across the country.

Our commitment is to drive learning and behavior change through the VHA by enabling greatness in you. 



Facilitator Preparation


Great facilitation doesn’t happen by chance.  Whether you’re delivering in-person or on a virtual platform, thorough preparation is the key to success. 


Have you conducted training using the All Access Pass or Jhana? Please notify us using this link.


Download the Facilitator Preparation Guides below for everything you need to set yourself and your participants up for success.




Webinar Delivery


In the era of COVID we are being asked to do more and more virtually.


Download a summary of all courses available to be delivered in LiveClicks

Download a list of frequently asked questions about the LiveClicks platform

Download Platform Resources (How-to tutorials on LiveClicks, MS Teams, WebEx Meetings and Zoom)



Facilitator Idea Exchange


Are you interested in learning more about a new content area?  Do you want to sharpen your facilitation skills?  Would you like to connect with other FranklinCovey facilitators across the VHA?  Join us the first Wednesday of December, March, June and September for our quarterly VHA Facilitator Forum. 


This one-hour event, hosted exclusively for VHA educators, is dedicated to helping you get better.

Email [email protected] to receive the F.I.X quarterly meeting invite.



Facilitator Forum Recommendations Survey


These forums are only as valuable as the problems they help you solve.  Complete the survey, share your feedback, and drive the support we provide for facilitators like you. 


Begin Survey



Facilitator Resource Guide


Download this quick reference guide for frequently asked questions and key features of your All Access Pass. 

Download Guide

Educators and Learning Officers

As a learning leader in the VHA, you ensure that your VISN is focused on training that helps move the mission forward.

Our commitment is to support you in the administration of your All Access Pass, providing insight into content strategy, learning journeys, and key metrics to empower decision-making and highlight impact.


Keep us informed of your projects and initiatives, like town hall presentations, lunch and learns, or mentoring groups, by using this link.


Education & Org. Development Forums


Are you challenged with building or supplementing a leadership or professional development program? Do you need to map our content to your competencies and values? Would you like to connect your training initiatives to mission-specific goals? We’ll cover these topics and more in our Education & Organizational Development Forums.

Email [email protected] to receive the Education & Organizational Development Strategy Forum monthly meeting invite. (Fourth Wednesday of each month at 1 PM ET.)

Download the Client Admin SOPs to learn more about managing All Access Pass resources for your VISN or facility.

Reference Guides


DLO Admin Guide

As an administrator in the All Access Pass, you can assign learning to teams and participants, assign facilitators, and access usage reports. 


Download the DLO Admin Guide for quickstart tips, FAQs, and instructions on key functionality.


Download Guide


Learner Guide

Send this resource guide to your learners who will use the All Access Pass.  This will provide them with quickstart tips and FAQs to support them in their learning. 


Download Guide


Learning Journeys

Partner with your Implementation Specialist to create strategic, custom built learning experiences that match your unique needs. 


For a specific learning journey contact Daniel Martin



[email protected]





Explore the official Frequently Asked Questions Page for the All Access Pass here.



Additional Services Through FranklinCovey


In addition to the value included in your national All Access Pass subscription, you can also take advantage of additional services, such as hard-copy participant kids or FranklinCovey consultants, at special Passholder pricing. Click here to view all additional services and associated pricing.


For questions, or to secure additional All Access Pass services, contact [email protected]




Video Tutorials


Use the short tutorial videos below to answer frequently asked questions about the All Access Pass Portal:





Several of FranklinCovey’s content areas come with pre and post-assessments to help participants identify opportunities and to help you measure improvement across core competencies. 


Download a Sample of Available Assessments

Download a custom self-assessment for Unconscious Bias

Download a sample of the 4 Essential Roles of Leadership assessment


For more information on administering assessments, please contact Katherine Hunt-Ridley at [email protected]



Continuing Education Units


Have you just completed a FranklinCovey course and would like to claim your CEUs? 


Take a look at which FranklinCovey courses carry Continuing Education Credits

If you’ve completed a FranklinCovey course, click here and complete this short survey to claim your CEUs


Additional Web Resources for Your Implementation


Search this Supplemental Resource Center for open source FranklinCovey Thought Leadership

Subscribe to the Weekly On Leadership Podcast

Find answers to your All Access Pass and Jhana portal questions here

Learn from our other learning professionals on how they’re using the AAP and Jhana across public and private sector here


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